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Introduction to Three Advantages of Powder Metallurgy Product Process

Time: 2023-05-27        Source:Harber MIM Parts Manufacturer Media Centre

Advantages of powder metallurgy process:


1. Our powder metallurgy process is carried out below the melting point of the base metal, which allows us to obtain special functional composite materials and products with multi-phase heterogeneous materials, such as metals and ceramics, metals and plastics, with different melting points and densities.

2. We also improve the material properties. Fine metal or alloy powders made by special methods have extremely fast solidification speed and homogenous grain size, ensuring uniform material structure, stable performance, and good cold and hot processing properties. Powder particles are not limited by alloy elements and content, which can increase the content of strengthening phase and develop new material systems.

3. By using various forming processes, we can directly form powder raw materials into net shape or near net shape parts or blanks with little or no machining. This reduces machining, improves material utilization, and reduces costs. Our powder metallurgy products are varied, mainly including tungsten and other refractory metal and alloy products; hard alloys used to make cutting tools and wear-resistant tools such as drills, turning tools, milling cutters, and dies; Cu alloys, stainless steel, and porous materials such as sintered oil-impregnated bearings, sintered metal filters, and textile rings.

DVD gears, toy gun gears, ratchets, umbrella gears, bevel gears, double gears, chain wheels, belt wheels, spiral gears, precision transmission gears, and various types of miniature precision gears; oil-impregnated bearings, shaft sleeves, connecting bushings; mixer blades, cutter discs, grinding parts; laptop connecting rods, phone vibrators, connecting rods, metal keys, mirror digital phone keys, fingerprint lock keys, ATM keys; micro-porous filters, copper ball filters, stainless steel ball filters; lock accessories, toy accessories; precision metal structural parts used in automotive, motorcycle, machine tool, electromechanical, office equipment, food machinery, medical equipment and other machinery, electrical/pneumatic products, including various copper-based, iron-based, stainless steel products, alloy products, special-shaped powder metallurgy parts and other precision metal parts and hardware used in various industries.

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