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Stainless Steel Sintered Parts

Harber Industrial Has been specializing in metal injection molding (MIM), ceramic injection molding (CIM) and magnet for decades.

Our product line including: Power tools, medical treatment, hardware, ceramic parts, electronic appliance, automobile parts, consumer products, spinning parts and so on. Over 95% of our products are exported to German, United States, Middle East etc.

Harber's quality assurance and engineering organization apply statistical methods to production and final inspection to

Our Sintered Stainless Steel Parts

The stainless steel Sintered Metal Parts is used in the following applications:

  • SCR Pumps (such as gears, g-rotors and plates).

  • Exhaust Systems (such as seen in flanges).

  • Brakes (such as ABS sensor rings, vacuum pumps and rotors).

  • Toothed Parts (such as seen in special gear for electric motors as well as gearboxes).

  • EGR Systems (such as valve guides, cams, rods, spacers and internal and external flanges).

High quality Sintered Stainless Steel mim Parts

Ensure that your parts meet defined critical specifications.

We have many instrument and test equipment to inspect the products.

Stainless Steel Injection Molding

Pin Gauge/Microscopy/ Dynamometers/ Hardness Tester/Torque Rheometer/Precision balances/Impact Test Equipment/ LECO Carbon Analyzers/Metallographic Equipment/Density Measurement equipment/Density measurement equipment/DCC Coordinate Measuring Machines/Advanced surface Characteristic Instruments.

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Metal parts process solutions. Quality assurance and trusted by millions.

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