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What is powder metallurgy gear? How to select materials?

Time: 2023-05-27        Source:Harber MIM Parts Manufacturer Media Centre

Powder metallurgy gears are wheel-shaped mechanical parts that can transmit torque through the meshing of teeth. They can change speed, torque, and direction of motion through transmission with other gear-shaped mechanical parts. Powder metallurgy gears are a large proportion of powder metallurgy parts used in various industries such as machinery and automobiles. 

What materials are powder metallurgy gears made of?

When powder metallurgy gears are subject to impact loads, the gear teeth are easily fractured, and materials with better toughness, such as low carbon steel with carburization and quenching, can be used. When closed transmission at high speed, gear surface spalling is a concern, so materials with better gear surface hardness, such as medium carbon steel surface quenching, can be used. When gear teeth fracture, gear surface spalling, and wear occur under low speed and medium load, materials with good comprehensive mechanical properties, including mechanical strength and gear surface hardness, such as medium carbon steel annealing and precision cutting, should be selected. Alloy steel should be used when the structure size requirements are compact and wear resistance is high. 


The above is an introduction to commonly used materials for powder metallurgy gears. Different working conditions and types of gear damage determine the criteria for calculating gear strength, material selection, and heat treatment. Compared with traditional machining methods, powder metallurgy gears greatly reduce material input and manufacturing costs, reflecting the characteristics of powder metallurgy products.

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