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Consumer Electronics Parts

MIM Metal Fabrication for Electronics

Metal Injection Molding is a technique used to manufacture small, intricate components for various applications. Metal injection molding (MIM) is a versatile manufacturing process that has many applications in the consumer electronics industry. MIM can be used to produce a wide range of small and complex metal parts that are used in various consumer electronic devices.  Due to its high production yield, reduction or elimination of secondary machining, and cost-effective pricing, the technology is rapidly gaining popularity. The MIM process is utilized to manufacture a variety of components for applications such as watches, laptops, smartphones, headphones and earphones, cables and wires, beauty accessories, sports gear and equipment, personal care devices, electronic cigarettes, and household appliances.

The use of MIM in consumer electronics manufacturing can help to improve the performance, durability, and aesthetics of electronic devices while also reducing manufacturing costs and lead times. MIM metal parts can offer high precision, complex geometries, and consistent quality, which are essential for the manufacture of small and complex metal parts used in electronic devices. 

Consumer Electronic Precision Metal Parts and Accessories, MIM Complex Metal Fabrication for the Electronics Industry.

Harber mim products are made in the China and distributed worldwide. 

Various powder injection molding metal parts for electronics

Harber produce a variety of custom and standard metal parts and components for the electronics marketplace. The electronics industry is one of the largest and most competitive industries around the world.

  • Very low cost for tooling/molds and prime cost parts - Fast delivery

  • One-stop shop for all your metal parts processing needs

  • High precision with tolerances up to +/-0.001 and high compliance with surface standards

Harber has 15+ years of experience in fabricating custom electronics industry components and assembles. We know the electronics industry relies on precise, high precision fabricated mim parts, and that is what we deliver. We are entrusted with the custom electronics sheet metal parts of top global electronics companies. Experience why they keep coming back to Harber for their precision complex metal parts, request a quote today.

Harber has 10+ years of metal manufacturing experience in the custom electronics industry. We provide high-precision electronic parts and assemblies. Our professional team is dedicated to offering high-end mim products at the best price.

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