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Precision Stamping Parts

Precision Metal Stamping Parts: Punching, Forming, Drawing

Harber Group supplies precision parts and components with specialities in the areas of Punching, Forming, and Drawing. We can offer a Turnkey Solution for Process Engineering and source from China for precision parts and volume production.

Full metal stamping capability from basic stamped profile parts, simple punch and die to complex parts produced from precision punch & die tool sets for high accuracy and edge definition including fine blanking parts.

Custom Metal Stamping Services

Metal stampings are used in a wide range of industries and can be turned out at a very high rate, perfect for companies requiring shorter production times and wanting to reduce overall costs. Below are just a few of the industries Harber has served:






Selection of Metal Stampings, Drawn Housings, Punched and Rolled Parts.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of choosing Harber as your custom metal stamping manufacturer.



High Volume, From design to delivery, our experienced teams provide one-stop custom parts

Metal parts process solutions. Quality assurance and trusted by millions.

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