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Powder Metal Gear

The production of powder metallurgy gears requires only five processes, i.e., molding, sintering, heat treating, tempering and oil dipping. When machining and manufacturing castings and forgings, ten processes are required, such as external turning, internal turning, one end or both ends, rough milling groove, keyway, hobbing, deburring, heat treatment and tempering. It has the advantages of labor-saving, material-saving, high production efficiency, less equipment, energy-saving, etc., which obviously reduces the production cost of gears.

high performance multiple gears and composite gears

Metal injection molded gears and other precision mechanical components are some of the most successful MIM parts with a unique combination of cost and performance. MIM hardware is increasingly utilized in automotive, consumer, military and medical products.

Powder metallurgy can integrate several parts together, thus saving costs for later machining and assembly. When powder metallurgy is used to manufacture multiple gears and composite gears, the gears can be pressed to an upper height limit and directly into the corners of neighboring gears. 

Common Applications for Powder Sintered Gears:

Gearboxes for various applications such as seen in household appliances, car seats, rotary roasters, automotive gearboxes, starters, drilling machines etc.

Fluid transfer gears (such as fuel pumps, SCR pumps and oil pumps).

Pulleys and Sprockets used for connecting systems (such as water pumps, camshafts, clutches and crankshafts).

High Performance


A variety of MIM alloys have been developed to meet toughness, corrosion resistance and hardness requirements.

Typical Materials

 316L Stainless Steel

 17-4PH Stainless Steel

 Fe-2%Ni – Nickel Steel

 Fe-8%Ni – Nickel Steel

 Fe-50%Ni – Iron-Nickel

Harber Metal Company is a powder metallurgy manufacturer specializing in powder metallurgy machining, powder metallurgy gears, planetary gear reduction gearboxes, high precision powder metallurgy parts production, we can provide small modulus precision powder metallurgy gears, powder metallurgy parts machining, MIM automotive parts, stainless steel mim parts, stainless steel locking parts.

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