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Will you company offer free sample confirm firstly then arrange mass production?

Yes sure we can provide free sample parts. 

 1. Partners should pay sample fee for custom parts, also we return all sample fee when it reaches the specified quantity. 

2. Nomally we make samples first to partners to check its quality, when they pass test then we follow samples to mass production. 

3. Usually there is 3-7 days for samples production, and15-25 days for mass production.

If you choose us as your metal parts supplier, we will make sure you get your parts correctly and beautifully. We will control every step well and confirm clearly with you. 24hours one to one warmly service. If you have any metal parts needs, donot hesitate to contact us now!

Powder Metal Injection Molding: A Brief Introduction

What is powder metallurgy?

Do you know the term "powder metallurgy"? This is probably the first time most people have seen it.

Powder metallurgy involves putting metal powder into a mold and compressing it with a press.

Products (parts) can be made by putting the formed material into a sintering furnace and sintering it at high temperatures.

I think it's easier to understand this if you imagine a cookie made by mixing ingredients, cutting out shapes with a mold, and baking them.

What is Metal Sintering?

This is a manufacturing method in which the metal powder is bonded in a sintering furnace at a temperature that does not melt it.

Molded products are made by compacting metal powder. By sintering the molded product, each grain of metal powder is diffused and bonded to form a hard and durable product (part).

It is called ``sintering'' because it does not involve melting and hardening the metal powder, but rather sintering it to bind the metal powder together.

Products (parts) created using this manufacturing method are sometimes called powder metallurgy products (parts) or sintered metal products (parts).

What is metal powder?

Various metal's powder are used as the raw material.

You can freely use any metal that can be made into powder, such as iron, copper, nickel, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, and copper alloys such as stainless steel.

Depending on the metal used as the raw material, it is classified into iron-based, copper-based stainless steel, titanium-based, tungsten-based, aluminum-based, etc.

By mixing several types of metal powder, it is possible to create metal products (parts) with various characteristics.

What is a the characteristics of metal parts?

By controlling and mixing the metal powder composition, it is possible to create products (parts) with the required characteristics.

Additionally, post-processing can give it even more properties, and the properties vary depending on the product (part) used.

We can provide products (parts) that meet customer needs, such as precision products, high strength products, high sliding products, high wear resistance products, high heat resistance products, high oil content products, and composite products.

high precision metal product(parts)

By using high-precision molds to compress and mold metal powder, we can create precision products(parts).

If even more precision is required, high-precision products can be manufactured by sizing (recompressing) after sintering.

What is a high-strength product?

High strength products (parts) can be made by mixing metal powders.

It becomes a high-strength product by sintering at a higher temperature than usual.

If further strength is required, it can be quenched in the same way as general steel, and high-strength products (parts) can be made by compounding and quenching.

What are sliding products?

Products (parts) with sliding properties can be made by mixing metal powders.

If even higher sliding characteristics are required, products with higher sliding characteristics can be manufactured using special surface treatment.

What are wear-resistant products?

Products (parts) with wear-resistant properties can be made by special formula mixing metal powders.

What are high heat resistant products?

Products (parts) with high heat resistance can be made by special formula mixing metal powders.

We can create metal products (parts) that can be used in high-temperature, high-pressure environments.

What is oil-impregnated bearing products?

As typified by bearings, by impregnating lubricating oil into the holes, it can be used as a permanent bearing without lubrication.

What is resin composite product?

By combining the functions of powder metallurgy and resin, it is possible to create products (parts) with performance that cannot be obtained alone.

What is a composite property product?

We manufacture products (parts) with various characteristics such as high strength, high fatigue resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, seizure resistance, and sliding properties, as well as products (parts) that have a combination of these characteristics. can do.

What is powder metallurgy (sintered metal) products?

Powder metallurgy (sintered metal) products are used as parts in a variety of places.

A typical example is the automobile. Many powder metallurgy products and sintered metal products are used as parts in automobiles, such as engine parts, shock absorber parts, transmission parts, power steering parts, chassis parts, compressor parts, power window parts, door parts, and exhaust-related parts. I'm here. Other uses include construction machinery, transportation machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, embroidery machinery, medical machinery, office machinery, gas stations, hairdressing equipment, electrical machinery, electrical appliances, tools, furniture, and all other fields. I am.

Can you injection Mould metal parts?

Metal Parts Injection Moulding Quote 

Metal Parts Injection Moulding (sometimes referred to as MIM) is a casting process whereby a fine metal powder is mixed with a plastic binder and injected into a mould of the desired shape. This creates what is known as a 'green part'.

Can MIM parts be heat treated?

MIM Parts Heat Treating | Metal Injection Molding

MIM parts may be heat treated to increase strength, hardness, and wear resistance. The degree of hardening is determined by the percentages of carbon, alloying elements, and residual porosity in the material.

Are MIM parts magnetic?

MIM parts achieve greater strength, better corrosion resistance, and improved magnetic properties when compared to conventional powder metallurgy processes.

What is the difference between casting and MIM?

MIM can produce small precision metal parts with complex features, whereas die casting is better suited to larger parts. Product designers have access to a wider range of materials using MIM than with die casting. Die casting is generally cheaper than MIM because it involves fewer production steps and cheaper raw materials.

What does MIM mean in gun parts?

MIM is an alternative process instead of machining parts out of raw metal stock. Many original equipment manufacturers of firearms and defense products are mandating that their part suppliers outsource to secure price advantages while maintaining strict quality requirements.

What is the difference between CNC and MIM?

MIM follows an additive process while CNC follows a subtractive process. In the case of MIM, molten metal comes together to form the final product. While for CNC, the excess material is removed until you are left behind with the final product.

Necessary information for a New quotation:

1. Metal parts list: Includes the part name, dosage, materials and surface treatment contained in the product.

2. Metal Parts design drawings: 3D drawings, STP and IGS format documents.

3.2d drawing, specifying product dimensional accuracy requirements and local processing requirements.

4. Forcast order volume.

5. Requirements for subcontracting and transportation of products.

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