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CIM Parts

Zirconia ceramic, also known as ZrO2 ceramic or Zirconia Ceramic, has excellent properties such as high melting and boiling points, high hardness, and insulation at room temperature, while exhibiting conductivity at high temperatures.

Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) is a manufacturing process that combines ceramic powder with a plastic binder to produce parts with certain strength and density through injection molding.

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a new near-net-shape processing technology in the field of powder metallurgy that incorporates modern plastic injection molding techniques. It is a rapidly developing high-tech technology in the discipline of powder metallurgy and industrial field in recent years.

Ceramic injection molding (CIM) technology is similar to the 1970s development of metal injection molding (MIM) technology, they are powder injection molding (PIM) technology, the main branch, are in the polymer injection molding technology on the basis of more mature development. Because it can produce complex shaped products, and high dimensional accuracy, less machining, surface finish, suitable for mass production, low cost, thus becoming the fastest growing and most widely used ceramic parts and components precision manufacturing technology in the international arena today. This ceramic preparation technology is especially widely used in the production of alumina ceramics.


CIM process flow

Feed preparation: Mixing, drying and granulation of suitable organic carriers (organic substances with different properties and functions) with ceramic powder at a certain temperature to obtain feed for injection;

Injection molding: the mixed injection mixture is heated and transformed into a viscous melt in the injection molding machine, injected into the metal mold at high speed under a certain temperature and pressure, cooled and solidified into the required shape of the blank, and then demolded;

Degreasing: Through heating or other methods, the organic matter in the injection molded blank is eliminated;

Sintering: the degreased ceramic billet is densified and sintered at high temperature to obtain dense ceramic parts with the required appearance shape, dimensional accuracy and microstructure.


Indirect 3D printing process flow



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