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Harber Metal is the leading metal parts manufacturer in China. We take great pride in our high daily production capacity. Our state-of-the-art equipment and efficient processes enable us to manufacture high-quality metal parts quickly. We can handle high-volume orders with ease and deliver on time. You are welcome to choose us as your precision metal components partner. You can rest assured that you're getting the best quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

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Harber Industrial Group is a leading provider of customized manufacturing solutions serving organizations in a variety of industries with technically sophisticated manufacturing and quality requirements.

Our sophisticated metal manufacturing solutions can be utilized in many industries including semiconductor capital equipment, medical device, aerospace and defense, and industrial automation.  With over 10 years of special equipment design and manufacturing experience, there is hardly an industry that we have not supported and manufactured complex metal product builds for.

In addition to supplying a wide range of custom complex metal parts, we offer the following services:

Cost Reduction

If you’ve got a design for a new product, or you want to cut costs on an existing product, bring your plans to us and we’ll find a way to save you money. Our engineers can help you select the most efficient technol for your design and pinpoint areas where outsourcing low-cost components can provide the greatest savings.


With Harber as your manufacturing consultant, you’ll have the skills of our entire team at your disposal. Our engineers are experts in international manufacturing and can review your project for completeness, identify potential issues and develop a detailed quality control plan. We’ll even help you design your custom part or choose the right off-the-shelf solutions for your project.

Mold Design Capability

Mold Design Capability

Harber has a highly trained design and engineering team that can bring your ideas to life. Our engineers are familiar with MIM production, injection molds, fixtures and measuring instruments. We use 3D software such as Pro/E and UG. we provide one-stop design services including industrial design, finite element analysis, 3D simulation, mold flow analysis and more.

Our company has always attached importance to the training of professional engineers, so that it is able to continuously enrich and innovate its product database and processing technology, and at the same time produce various products to meet the needs of the downstream through the independent use of the equipment, rather than being limited to the conventional, standardized powder metallurgy parts.

Typical MIM Metal Injection Mold Parts and Components

MIM, Metal Injection Molding, has become the fastest growing and most promising new near-net molding technology in the field of powder metallurgy, and is regarded as one of the "world's most popular metal part molding technologies".

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a versatile technique that can produce various parts and components for different applications. Some of the common uses of MIM parts that Harber Metal offers are:

  • Electronic locks

  • Rail and switch gear

  • Watch components

  • Textile machinery parts

  • Automotive parts

  • Industrial sewing machine parts

  • Electronic industry accessories

  • Medical devices

  • Shaft assemblies

  • Electric tool parts

  • Spindle housing hubs

  • Engineering machinery parts

  • Motorcycle parts

  • Ratchet gears

  • Suspension arms

  • Output shafts

Harber Metal is a leading MIM service provider in China with a wealth of experience in various industries, such as aerospace, military, energy and electronics. We can customize prototype and production MIM machining and parts according to your specifications. You can contact our metal experts by phone at 86 0769-82389116 or by email at sales@harber-mim.com with your inquiries and requirements.

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As a professional MIM Metal manufacturer, Harber is built to meet customer needs every day, We offer metal injection molding and powder metallurgy  services all under one roof.


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