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Block 11,Shunchang Industrial Park, Xiaobian Second Industrial Zone, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, China

We are a global high-tech MIM(Metal Injection Molding)service provider Located in Hongkong. As a leading global supplier of Metal Injection Molding products,Harber is a fully integrated MIM parts producer with capabilities and proficiency in design, tooling, materials and a full range of  process,surface coating and assembly operations.


We have a strong passion on complex structure parts business. This passion makes us to provide the best solutions of complex structure parts.We continuously go forward against our ultimate goal.

We want to be final solver of complex structural parts.

As population growth, increasing energy needs and climate change create challenges for our global society, Harber remains committed to upholding our founder’s commitment to science and innovation. 


 Harber Industrial equipment list

our staffs are equipped with professionalism through the hard self-endeavor and self-passion.

We concentrate on details and even small things. lt makes differences in everything. So,it makes our customers to be satisfied with Harber Group.

We are always making a great dreams even it might not come true. But, we know it will comes true finally if we want it desperately and we don't give up. lf we think positively, everything in the nature will help us and things going well. We need not only a large company, but also a firm and strong company. The most important thing is efficiency and company's actual contents. So, we will always study how to meet the customers' needs, how to reduce the original producing cost  and how to upgrade our services to meet world market situation. Eventually, we will always do our best  to support our valuable customers strongly. The final goal is the benefits of all related Suppliers &Customers. We never stop and we write new history every day in this line of business. If we do, it becomes a legend. 

Harber supplies global Truck, Bus &Auto parts such as Engine parts, Power transmission parts, Suspension parts, Steering parts, Brake parts, Electric parts, etc.

We will be the road of parts distribution to the world like a silk load in previous era.

Powdered and Sintered Metal Parts from Harber MIM

With our precision compacting technologies and process monitoring systems, we can work with complex geometries and meet even the strictest criteria. For more information on sintered and powdered metals, contact us today.

Our mission is to stay ahead of the metal industry technology curve and become a strategic partner for our customers' success. By carefully understanding our clients' needs, we provide optimal solutions that will help them achieve their metal component or metal product requirements.

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