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CNC machining work content

Time: 2023-07-06        Source:Harber MIM Parts Manufacturer Media Centre

CNC machining is a kind of manufacturing work which is controlled by computer programming CNC machine tools for automatic processing, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, good repeatability and so on. In this article, we will introduce you the work content of CNC machining from four aspects.


1. Processing program writing

CNC machining step is to write the processing program, which requires CNC machining technicians skilled in programming languages such as G code, and can be based on the part drawings and process requirements for reasonable coding. Writing the machining program including tool path, depth of cut, feed rate, speed and other parameters, used to control the CNC machine tool trajectory and machining process.

2. CNC machine tool commissioning and operation

After completing the processing program, CNC machining technicians need to debug and operate CNC machine tools to ensure processing accuracy and quality. Commissioning and operation mainly include: installation of fixtures, selection of tools, set the processing parameters, start the machine, monitor the machining process, etc. In this process, the technician needs to carefully observe the state of machine movement and workpiece processing, adjust the parameters and deal with abnormalities in a timely manner.

3. Part processing and inspection

After completing the commissioning and operation of the CNC machine, the CNC machining technicians start to process the parts. They need to carry out automatic machining according to the written machining program, and pay attention to observe the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, and adjust the parameters in time to meet the requirements. After completing the machining of the part, the technicians also need to inspect the workpiece to ensure that it meets the design requirements and specifications.

4. Maintenance and improvement optimization

In the daily work, CNC machining technicians also need to maintain and improve the optimization of CNC machine tools. For example: regularly check the machine lubricant, change the tool and, clean the machine interior and exterior. At the same time, they also need to constantly explore and try new processing methods and processes to improve processing efficiency and reduce costs, to achieve the goal of continuous improvement.

What Is CNC Machining Used For?

This type of machining is used for an enormous range of industries and in the main it is used to create custom parts and pieces for a range of tools and machines. From the auto industry to mining, agriculture to manufacturing. Where there is a desire for custom parts this is the technology which is used. This technology is used for wood router, embroidery machines, turret punchers, wire banding machines, glass cutters and cylindrical grinders amongst many more. The biggest breakthrough that we have seen with regards to this technology and its use has been the arrival of 3D printing.

In short, the work of CNC machining includes machining program writing, CNC machine tool debugging and operation, part processing and inspection, maintenance and improvement optimization, and many other aspects. CNC machining technicians need to be proficient in basic mechanical knowledge and computer programming skills, and have strong logical thinking skills and communication skills. They need to continuously learn and explore new machining methods and technologies to meet different customer needs and requirements.

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