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How Do You Metal Parts Manufactured

Time: 2023-07-06        Source:Harber MIM Parts Manufacturer Media Centre

Metal parts are unique to each industry and application. Engineers and designers need to understand the materials, manufacturing processes and use cases of the parts to determine the appropriate method for creating them.


The way metal parts are manufactured can vary greatly. Each process has its own advantages, compatible materials, and trade-offs. A deeper understanding of the range of manufacturing methods will improve this decision-making process. This is an overview of 8 different manufacturing processes that can be used to create custom metal parts.

1、Metal stamping:

Metal stamping manufacturing method is a special forming process, which generally uses a press to form the mechanical parts required on the design drawings through stamping process on the metal sheet. Stamping is done by putting the metal sheet through the steps of clamping, pressing, forming and scoring during stamping to achieve the purpose of processing ordinary thin sheet parts.

2、Metal forging:

Metal forging is a kind of raw material and heating of metal, the metal will be shaped into a specific shape and performance and exhausted inch process. Generally speaking, the principle of metal exercise is through continuous heat treatment, causing deformation of the metal, using its own internal force to achieve the internal structure and shape of the deformation to achieve the desired forming requirements

3、Hot rolling:

Hot rolling is a processing method to obtain specific shapes and properties by the operation of heat melting into the metal, compression and cooling. It is mainly heat treatment of raw materials molten, and then compacted and compacted with high pressure to make it a complete body, and finally cooled to fix its shape of the process. In general, it has excellent metallurgical properties, high ductility, it is not easy to crack, resistant to wear and tear, and high strength.


Welding manufacturing technology is a metal product in the case of maintaining the same material properties to take specific operational steps, the metal material is solidly connected into one processing method. Welding technology is able to quickly and accurately assemble metal parts, so it has been widely used in the manufacturing of mechanical parts scenario.

5, metal extrusion:

Metal extrusion refers to the casting or multiple pieces of metal using the force of the die to act, in a certain temperature state, under the action of the press or press to experience deformation of the forming method. It can effectively produce a variety of metal parts with high reliability, and its output occupies an important position in many manufacturing methods.

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