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Metal injection moulding (MIM) is one of the powder metallurgy processes, thus wide range of material metal options, high productivity is applicable, high design freedom, high density and precise production are also applicable.

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Industrial Apparel Presser Foot Sewing Machine Parts Sewing Accessories

Industrial segment mostly depends on the product with high performance and reliability. We supplying complex MIM metal components for industrial, hardware & general engineering applications. We have developed more than 2000 different mim metal components for these applications alone. Our offering includes variety of materials with different properties such as high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance etc. In recent times with increase in automation across the industry, usage of MIM components becoming more popular & familiar. Our experience in serving this segment for a long time gives us immense advantage to understand specific requirement, and provide cost-effective quality solutions accordingly.
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: customized
  • Surface treatment: original or according to the requirement
  • Certification: ISO9001: 2015
  • OEM: accept
  • Feature: high strength

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    MIM metal products are used for various forms of presser feet, presser foot assemblies, base plates, etc., which are used in sewing machines to withstand the abrasion of sewing threads, needles, and the object being sewn, as well as the stress of processing.

    sewing machine presser feet, presser foot assemblies, base plates

    Due to the continuous friction with the surface of the tool, the hardness and abrasion resistance of the tool material is severely tested, and if the thread color is light, there is also the concern that the friction sheds the surface material of the tool, resulting in rust stains and discoloration of the sewing thread.

    Many MIM products are used as mechanical parts of sewing equipment.

    Design elements of MIM sewing and embroidery machine parts

    As a result, there are several strict requirements for sewing and embroidery tool materials:

    •  The material texture must be hard and wear-resistant, and is required to be able to have at least HRC 40 degrees;

    •  Due to the continuous friction of the sewing thread, the surface of the material must not chip off and cause rusting of the sewing thread, and the integrated design of the parts will contribute to the strength and cleanliness of the tools;

    •  Able to conduct heat quickly to dissipate the heat caused by the friction of the sewing thread to avoid possible melting of the sewing thread;

    •  Dimensional tolerances of parts and assemblies;

    •  Due to the high wear and tear, it must be frequently disassembled and replaced, the price of the parts should be affordable, and the damaged products should be recyclable to reduce the burden on the environment;

    •  The manufacturing process of the sewing tool should have a special design of the guiding surface so that the sewing thread can be smoothly discharged.

    For sewing and embroidery process, the use of MIM process can simplify the design of parts, and avoid casting voids, welding defects, by heat treatment and tempering to enhance the life of the parts, and the use of injection molding to a large number of manufacturing in order to save costs, in particular, the MIM has a plastic injection of beautiful surfaces can be in line with the parts part of the special features to assist the emergence of the thread of the sewing thread smoothly and other advantages, has been the other processes, including casting, die-casting, sheet metal stamping, and the use of MIM, the MIM process can be used in the manufacture of sewing tools. MIM process in sewing and embroidery machine MIM parts will be solid and irreplaceable, this is a MIM completely replaced by the industrial field.

    Applicable Industries

    Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Advertising Company

    Weight (KG)

    0.63 KG

    After Warranty Service

    Video technical support, Online support

    Machinery Test Report


    Place of Origin

    Guangdong, China

    Surface treatment

    Chrome plating


    Metal Powder Injection Molding(MIM)


    Tray and carton


    Generally 0.05mm

    Equipment advantages: 

    Mixing machine,Injection molding machines,Degreasing furnaces,Vacuum sintering furnace;Automatic pressing machine,,Repressing machine,CNC machining equipment,finishing machining machine,polishing machine,Automatic oil punching machine and so on...

    Testing equipment: 

    Projector,Salt spray test machine,Partial pendulum instrument,electronic balance,electronic gravity apparatus,universal tester,Rockwell hardness tester,Density tester,gauge block,dial indicator,micrometer,Vernier.

    What's the MIM technology and its advantages and features.

    MIM is an advanced metal forming technology that use injection molding machine to manufacturing precision and complex metal parts, which combines the advantage of PM and plastic injection molding.

    1. It's suit to do mass production with complicated shapes, create metal parts with complex geometries; MIM technology can accurately produce components features such as internal and external threads, undercuts, teeth (e.g., gear teeth), slots, holes, fins, markings, and engravings.

    2. MIM process imposes few restrictions on the part design. It gives freedom to manufacture a variety of shapes, can fabricate multi-component parts as a single piece

    3. Wide selection of metal materials for MIM, It can use all kind of metal material(such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper alloys, nickel alloys, tungsten alloys, cobalt alloys, iron, carbide, ceramic and titanium, etc)

    4. Its relative density can achieve more than 98%, MIM parts are produced with high density, resulting in excellent mechanical properties, including strength and hardness. This makes MIM a great solution for components that need to withstand high stress and wear.

    5. Its finished products is close to final products, less material wastes and scrap than a machining process, which is important for expensive materials such as refractory materials, titanium alloys, superalloys, and specialty metals. reducing the post-treatment cost, and then save production cost.

    6. Compared with tranditional CNC and precision casting process, the structure are more even and preformance is much better, Consistent part quality, Consistent part density & strength

    7. Compared with PM(Powder Metallurgy), MIM can produce more complex shape and better preformance metal products.

    Production cost comparision between MIM and other processes

    Cost Effective Design Flexibility/ Material Variety and Integrity

    Powder metallurgy can ensure the accuracy and uniformity of the material composition ratio. Suitable for producing products of the same shape and large quantities, low production cost. 

    Production cost comparision between MIM processe and other processes

    Machinery Structural Parts Manufacture Compare with other process 

    Tensile StrengthHighLowHighHigh
    Min. Wall Thickness0.5 mm1 mm0.5 mm2 mm
    Surface FinishHighMediumHighMedium
    Production VolumesHighHighLowMedium
    Range of MaterialsHighHighHighMedium-High


    1, 100% inspection before shipment.

    2, Satisfied packing, carton, wooden case, pallet,or according to your requirement.

    3, Samples are within 35-40 days after the receipt of the deposit. production will be finished about 25-30days after samples confirma

    Production Capacity comparision of MIM and other process

    Most difficult metals and compounds, pseudo alloys, porous materials can only be manufactured by powder metallurgy

    Production Capacity comparision of MIM and other process images


    With over 10 years' experience in powder metallurgy, Harber provides high-end global customers with high-quality components and advanced one-stop solutions. Our zero-defect products covers in such businesses fields as Automotive, Medical application, Houshold, Consumer electronics, Hardware tools and Lock. Best raw materials, strict inspection control and cutting-edge know-how has made Harber a reliable and professional profile to our customers from all over the world. We are sure that Harber can meet any needs from them by using our expertise, credibility and technicality.

    We have fully professional and high standard automated production line which contain:Powder metallurgy automated batching system, Advanced level automatic powder molding machine(60T-300T), Mesh belt sintering furnace, Steam treatment furnace, finishing machines, Powder metallurgy physical and chemical equipment, Robot manipulator,Fiber laser marking machine,Advanced testing equipment (universal testing machine, digital mapping instrument, etc.) . All these equipments support the high speed, the highest accuracy, to ensure product development and production.

    Harber Metal has excellent talents in the field of powder metallurgy, mature powder metallurgy production technicians, and long-term cooperation with domestic top powder metallurgy research laboratories. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of powder metallurgy structural parts. 

    Surface Treatment


    Harber can offer such surface finish (secondary process) as sandblasting, electric polishing, magnetic grinding, laser engraving, PVD, carburizing, Permeability nitrogen and annealing.


    We pay highly attention to packing quality. As we know the metal parts come out in perfect quality standard, but packages is not strong easily happen damage during delivery,so that final effects is 0. What we want is let you get our products safely fastly to give us high rates and reorder with us next time. We will control every steps very well for you.


    In our company all our package must make sure strongest then picked by shipping company. The inside with waterproof plastic bag + 5AA strong carton + green wooden pallet + plastic belt wrapped outside.

    1: Give us inquiry by email.

    2: Quote your price by our sales usually in 1-2hours on working days. 

    3: Confirm price& artwork and Sign Contact 

    4: Pay first half money 

    5: Make free metal parts samples to your door by DHL freely for confirmation

    6: Only get your metal parts sample approval then start to arrange mass production. 

    7: When mass production is finished, we will take clear pictures for you confirmation. After you confirmed you pay balance. 

    8: Shipment by sea or air depends on your requirements.

    9: You get the metal products, deal finished. 


    For whole steps we will guarantee you can get the metal parts safely and fast and in high quality. If in cased happen any problems because of us in this machining process, we promise remachining freely or refund your money. If mistakes is happened from your end, we can also remachining if you agree to pay extra machining cost. 

    We offer a wide range of Metal Injection Mold services for small to large projects in the Machinery industry. We have established a strong network of metal materials suppliers that enables us to deliver fast and reliable results. Contact us today for a quote on mim parts or any other assistance you may need.

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